Terms and conditions

For any change, a notification must be submitted at least four weeks in advance. If you request a change of college location, course dates, accommodation or program type after the start of the course, you will be charged a change fee of GBP 60, EUR 85, USD 100, CAD 100, OR $ 75 or NZ $ 75, payable in Time of application. In America and Canada, change charges apply only to housing change. Do not comply with any change request. Students of the school year or semester can not move to another school during the semester. If you change to a location where fees are lower, fee difference will not be refunded. If you change to a higher-cost site or program, you will be charged the fee difference. All changes are subject to evaluation and request approval by the Administrator. You will not pay a change fee if you extend the course, but extending your stay with a family in Canada may require a replacement fee of CAD100. It is the responsibility of the student to pay the fees for the extension of any course or residence. Any change in the study resulting in a reduction in the number of lessons will be considered as a termination of the existing reservation and re-booking, and then subject to the standard terms and conditions governing termination